Bhrigu Lake trek: A trekking Heaven

Bhrigu Lake trek

Bhrigu Lake gained immense popularity from great mythology, of course! Where else would this immensely popular place in Dev Bhoomi Himachal Pradesh become known? Soaked deep in ancient Hinduism — as far-reaching as the new way of life, Bhrigu Lake holds a very special place in the hearts of its believers.

However, Banbanjara is here to tell you that this is not the only attractive beauty of the Bhrigu Lake Trek. The magnificent and ever-changing scenery and reflections in the lake add to its charm and beauty. Then the simplicity of the lush green meadows during the trek itself adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Even for the well-trained and experienced trekkers, it becomes magical as a wonderland.

The Mythology of Bhrigu Lake

Maharishi Bhrigu, known as one of the seven sages of Hinduism, sat in a strict meditation at this lake. The locals believe that the lake never gets frozen completely, even at the lowest temperature because of its historical connection, no matter how cold it gets.

The lake never gets cold or freezes — legends believe that the ancient Gods of the Kullu region visit this lake at times to take a deep dip in the sacred waters. Guru Vashisht travels to the lake and during his visit, detailed plans are made by devotees and believers to accompany him on his journey to the lake.

About the Bhrigu Lake Trek

Don’t we all love that feeling of adrenaline rush in our body and dream of climbing high above the mountains from where we can touch the sky while conquering new, high off-beat, heights?

This trek has enough energy to entice the experienced and well-trained trekkers and enough safe activities to ensure the safety of beginner trekkers. Sitting pretty at a height of more than 4,304 m in Kullu valley, the lake comes as a sudden excitement after travelling through deep valleys and mountains.

This is an approximately 3-day trek to reach the high beautiful glacial lake at an ambitious height of more than 14,000 ft. Lying very close to the place of the mighty Pir Panjal range and the equally eye-catching and mesmerizing Dhauladhar range — one can get the feeling of the beauty of the valley.

The lake is not so difficult to conquer, and the views are so worth watching to keep your attention on the trek and its beauty for the entirety of the duration. In fact, for almost all part of this trek, you’ll be Trekking along many lush green meadows — oh what a superb delight!

Here are the General Itinerary for the Bhrigu lake Trekking

  • Day 1: It is a complete package of a 4-day trek from Manali to the desired destination and then you have to complete the whole registration process. You can drop all your luggage at the camp that you have booked. Your camp will provide you with some enthusiastic activities that will help you acclimatize well.
  • You should never go trekking the moment you reach Manali, hence give your body a little rest and then head towards the trekking journey. You can simply enjoy the various activities that are organised at your camp.
  • You can go to witness the Jogini Waterfalls which is approximately 1.5 hours. You can come back in the evening and relax and prepare for your next day.
  • Day 2: Drive from Manali to the Base Village or you can trek to the base campsite also. You can meet your trek representative and they will take you to the base village.
  • From this place you will have to trek from your campsite to the base camp. The ascending trek here is easy to moderate and will take around up to 3–4 hours to reach. Then, you will have a relaxing overnight stay in the tents at the Campsite location.
  • Day 3: Bhrigu Lake Trek is around approximately 11 km and takes about up to 9 hours to trek. So it is better to start with having a delicious breakfast. You can always pack lunch and eat it midway too.
  • The trek will be around approximately 3–4 hours just one way. Once you reach the lake site location, you can simply adore the site of the lake, and then you can witness some picturesque views and click loads of pictures.
  • Day 4: You will have to start coming down to the base village and check out from your respective tents. You can take the vehicle back to Manali and the memorable journey ends here.

Originally published at on aug 5, 2022.



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DigitalGpoint founded in 2020, This is a web magazine that provides information around digital world, business, creativity, creation, creative people an