How to Safely Navigate a New City During a Business Trip?

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Finding your way around a new city isn’t easy. It’s common to get lost. On a business trip, this can have dire consequences.

Getting lost could mean missing an important meeting. Or you might miss that show you got tickets for. In the worst-case scenario, you could find yourself in an unsafe neighborhood.

Navigating a new city doesn’t have to be difficult, nor is it necessarily dangerous. Here are some ways to safely navigate a new city.

1. Research

Thanks to the internet, research has never been easier.

Word of mouth is still a good source of information. Ask friends who have visited the city what they recommend.

Ideally, talk to someone who has lived there recently. Cities change quickly. Someone who lived there ten years ago probably doesn’t know much about how the city looks today.

Ask about safety and public transportation. See if there are any neighborhoods you should avoid.

If a hotel or apartment rental is very cheap, there could be a reason why. It might be an area that no one wants to stay in.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that might seem silly.

2. Location

Choosing a good spot is essential.

Hotels designed for business travel are usually in very safe areas.

They are also often in nicer areas with lots of restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. Usually there are museums or interesting cultural sights within walking distance. Taxis and ride apps are used to coming to these areas, too.

Make sure to look up the location of your business meetings.

You don’t want to waste tons of time wandering around the city. You’ll want to be able to make it to the meeting on time and without sweating through your suit. Ideally, pick a hotel that is close to your meetings.

It’s easy to find out walking distances and driving times using online maps. Research this ahead of time to save time once you’re there.

If your phone has a good data plan, you should be able to use services like Google Maps while you’re walking around.

Even if you think you know your way, it’s always good to double check during your walk. Otherwise you might end up on the wrong side of town.

Your business partners should be able to recommend a safe area.

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