Sustainable Christmas Decor for your Home

2 min readNov 26, 2022
Christmas Decor for your Home

As the earth gets warmer, more and more people are quickly realizing that the responsibility of ensuring sustainable use of our environment is entirely on the individual. When shopping for your Christmas trees or Christmas lights, the norm has been to go for the best and brightest, and this year, things are about to change. The shift in focus towards more eco friendly purchases and behavior is crucial and even as you decorate for Christmas you should ensure you do it sustainably and this guide will show you how to start.

Save Energy Costs with Eco friendly Christmas Lights

Christmas lights incur a lot of energy expenses, since you will have to add more lights to your home than you probably use on average. With incandescent lights, the energy bills will go up, and when you compound this globally, the effects are clear to see. Since most grid electricity is not sustainable, one can argue that Christmas lights are not actually great for the environment. However, you can reduce your overall power bills solar christmas lights or by completely shifting from incandescent to LED lights and or by simply using more traditional lights such as candles to create the perfect ambience.

Tips on Getting Sustainable Christmas Trees

The number of Christmas trees that are cut globally is astonishing and the fact that these trees are simply discarded after a week or two, is something that is mind boggling. Though many people have begun to shift towards artificial Christmas trees, there are still some ways you can get natural ones in a sustainable and eco friendly way. The first tip is by growing your own tree in your backyard. For those with enough space, planting your own Christmas trees is not only cheaper, but opens up an avenue for generating more revenue and making the planet better.

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